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and I’m the guy that busy Mums and Dads turn to when they want to lose weight and look and feel the best they have in years.

I’m a full time Firefighter, husband and father of 4, so you could say I’m a busy guy. 

That’s what led me to develop my coaching programme to enable busy parents, like you, to get maximum results whilst on a time budget.

I know your frustrations, I’ve been there myself

thinking that I needed to spend 90+ minutes a session, 8 days a week in the gym in order to get anything resembling results. When all this did was cause me further stress and get me zero results.

I started my coaching career helping out at my local semi pro rugby club, which led to me taking up a role at a private gym running their bootcamp style classes.

Never being one to be satisfied, I knew that I could get better results from working with Mums and Dads privately via online coaching, rather than in a large group setting.

For the past 2 years I have also been coaching for the WWE, taking care of the strength and conditioning of their NXT UK roster of athletes.

Since setting up my Online Coaching programme I have helped 100’s of busy parents to transform their bodies and lives, whilst giving them back the time they used to spend unnecessarily in the gym, trying to get results, using methods that simply don’t work.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start,

then you’re in exactly the right place

I’ll be right by your side, every step of the way, making sure that your

time with me as your coach will be a success!   

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From finding out what foods you love to eating regularly, to the types of exercise you enjoy doing. All of this is taken into account when designing your VIP Coaching package to allow you to achieve the body of your dreams without having to completely overhaul your lifestyle.


The results were amazing above and beyond what I was expecting. Dan is very good at what he does, communicates well with you and helps you achieve your goals and everything was surprisingly easy to follow!




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