My VIP coaching program isn’t like any other coaching program you’ve probably tried before.

From the moment you sign up, the building process of your personalised program will start immediately.

All my new clients fill out a pre-coaching questionnaire to allow me to build the best possible program to suit you and enable you to achieve the body of your dreams without giving up the foods that you love and without having to spend 90 minutes plus in the gym seven days a week.

So no more unnecessary boring cardio and No need to completely give up your favourite foods or treats.

This program is designed for the busy mum or dad who wants to get results and keep them forever.


So how does the 180: REBUILT work?

This isn’t some programme that gets thrown at you with a “see you in 6 months” attached to it , I’ll be with you every step of the way. From weekly check ins to daily availability via messenger, or our Monthly Zoom Huddle call with the other members of the team/programme.

Here’s how it works



During the first 6-8 weeks we will set the foundations down for a successful 6 month transformation of your body, your well being and your mind. I will design you a bespoke nutritional strategy that will teach you how to still enjoy the foods while turning your body into a fat-melting furnace, using simple, sustainable methods, which could see you lose anywhere from 10-20+ lbs


During the next phase, we will start to lay down lean muscle and target the areas of your body that you wish to work on with extra attention. During this period, we will also be getting you to eat more, allowing you to build lean muscle, while still maintaining the lean physique you achieved during phase 1.


The final phase of the programme, where your results really come together. Time to get STRONG!! By the end of this phase your body, health and mindset will have been completely REBUILT


So how do the Fit Dad 8 and Fit Mum 8 programmes work?

This isn’t some programme that gets thrown at you with a “see you in 8 weeks” attached to it,  I’ll be with you every step of the way from bi-weekly check ins to daily availability via messenger, Facebook group or our live chats with the other members of the team.

Here’s how it works

If you join the team you will get:


- 8 weeks, progressive training programme, whether you train at the gym or at home, I’ve got you covered!

- Personalised calorie targets, so you know longer have to guess how much you should eat to help you ,melt body fat

- 2x Bespoke nutrition guides, so that you can see what sort of meals and snacks will help you achieve your personalised calorie targets

- Team Recipe books, filled with delicious recipes that can be scanned into My Fitness Pal

- Easy to use app where you can log all of your workout progress and track your physical progress too

- All workouts are designed to get you in and out of the gym/home workout in the minimum time